The village of Pragança on the Ice Route

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, when the Royal Montejunto Ice Factory was in operation, Pragança was an important starting point in the production and conservation of natural ice. When, on winter nights, the freezing temperature solidified the water in the tanks – and the “caramel” was formed – the factory guard rode to the village and, using a bugle, summoned the villagers to climb Serra de Montejunto. Still at night, the workers ascended the mountain and proceeded with collecting the ice plaques from the tanks. Afterwards, they transported them in baskets to the silos building, where the ice was stored until the beginning of summer, when it was sent to Lisbon to supply the Royal House, the best cafes and Hospital de Todos os Santos. The Ice Factory was a very important source of livelihood for the mountain populations, and it remained so until its closure.

Royal Ice Factory

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